Thursday, 12 May 2016

Another Week

This week has been pretty busy! 
On Monday we had friends from Purple Monkey Living over for a visit which was really nice. Hannah had a great time with her friends as did I with my friend! There was a lot of Tsum Tsum play and video making, and lots of laughing!

Then on Tuesday Hannah had a riding lesson with friends, she rode Murphy again and had a good lesson. I thought she looked more confident in the school this week.

Yesterday we were at Rackham for drama and play. Drama was really fun and Hannah had a great time seeing all her friends.

On the way home (on the train) the sun started to break through the rain clouds and the fields steamed. It looked so awesome, although Hannah thought it looked very spooky and Harry Potter like!

In contrast, today had been a beautiful sunny day and Hannah has done some art and photography in the garden, had a telephone call with her really good friend in America, and reorganised her room :-)

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