Monday, 30 March 2009

All About Birds

Some of the Bird Books we used today.

For the last week Hannah has been excitedly spotting birds nesting everywhere we go, and has been asking lots of questions about how they build their nests, when the babies hatch, how they learn to fly and so on, so today our learning was based all around the birds in spring, resulting in a lovely birds nest for our season table.

First Hannah got out all the bird books, and looked at the different kinds of (mainly British) birds, and she discovered that they lay different coloured eggs and build them in various different locations (buildings, trees, flowerpots), she was fascinated with the idea that the mother stays sitting on the eggs keeping them warm and turning them until the are ready to hatch -  then she wanted to build a nesting box..........................unfortunately we didn't have the materials for that, so she settled for a nest made from twigs, grass and cotton and filled with dough eggs.

Learning about different styles of nesting.

I'm sure we can build a nesting box mummy, look it tells you how to do it!!

The nest i built with all the twigs and grass Hannah collected - it smells lovely as most of the twigs are Lavender!

Making dough eggs.

The finished nest.
This is how it looks on the Season Table.

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