Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Portsmouth Home Education Group

At last, after months of trying to get a Portsmouth Home Education Group off the ground, we finally had our first meeting at the main library in Portsmouth today.

It was a small group, just 6 children - but i'm hoping it will grow as people become aware of us. We had a room lent to us by the library for 1 1/2hours where the children could bring their own learning to work on, alone or together, or read books - and then we went to the park for some lovely fresh spring air.

Hannah really enjoyed working alongside her friends, her first experience of that situation, and worked really well. She had chosen her maths book to work on, and had also brought some dominoes, her teaching clock, and her writing and drawing book. 

Hannah on her way to the library with her huge book bag.

Working on her story and picture .
Some of the maths she did.
Playing dominoes with one of the older girls.


Gina said...

Hooray, it is finally letting me comment on your blog! I'm so glad the day went well and I am really enjoying your blog, it is lovely to be able to keep in touch with you like this :)

Susie said...

Yaay - very pleased to see you here :-) Have just read your update too, i love your blog !!