Thursday, 19 March 2009

A Visit To Fort Nelson

This afternoon we visited Fort Nelson on Portsdown Hill.

Fort Nelson was built in the 1860s, as part of a chain of fortifications protecting the great naval harbour of Portsmouth in Hampshire and its Royal Dockyard from a feared French invasion.

Covering nearly 19 acres and now fully restored, Fort Nelson sits majestically atop Portsdown Hill, with amazing views of the Solent and the Meon Valley. The Fort stands today as a monument to the skills and ingenuity of Victorian engineering and architecture.

Opened in 1995 as home to the Royal Armouries collection of artillery, Fort Nelson has over 350 big guns and historic cannon on display, all part of the national collection of arms and armour.

Everyday a different gun / cannon is fired at 1pm. This is today's gun. Hannah was a little worried at first as she was afraid it would be too loud, but after the first shot she was fine and even counted down the second one and shouted "fire" !!

I took a lot of photo's around the Fort - here are a collection of Hannah's favourite ones.

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