Saturday, 28 March 2009

Exploring Nature

Today we have been out in the countryside to Catherington Down Nature Reserve and to Petersfield Lake. Hannah has been watching a childrens nature program called The Green Balloon Club, which she finds really interesting and informative, so today she was inspired to become a "nature detective" at Catherington Down. Here is what she found.....................

A Beautiful Willow Tree.

The first Blackthorn Blossom.
A paw print.
A fresh rabbit burrow.

This is the rabbit burrow close up - i managed to get my phone right inside, hope i didn't scare any bunnies!!

After leaving the downs, we went to Petersfield Lake as Hannah was really keen to try out her pond net. Unfortunately she didn't catch anything, but had lots of fun trying and the lake was beautiful today. 

Her first time Pond Dipping.

What's in the Net??
Concentrating hard on not falling in.
The ducks were very interested too.
Beautiful view across the lake.


Francois said...

Cool site...

Becky said...

Lovely pictures, and it looks like a lot of fun was had :-)