Sunday, 31 May 2009

Gardening and a Gymkhana

Hannah has been helping grandma with her garden this afternoon, she has done lots of watering, planting and weeding................

Watering the borders.

Planting marigolds
My lovely little girl in her new hat.

We also went to watch a gymkhana that was being held near grandma's house.

Best In-Hand class.

A dog Hannah made friends with.
The winner of the First Ridden - Hannah's favourite pony of the day.
First Ridden competition.


Rae said...

Oh my goodness Hannah - I logged onto your site this evening and you have 11 new posts - what a busy week for you!

I loved the photos of you helping in the garden and you look very pleased with your new sandals and sunhat. It was very thoughtful of you to spend some of your own money on your friend Coral too - I expect she will be delighted.

I'm so glad you asked your Mummy to put up the photo of you with your family; I love seeing what people look like. I feel Like I know them better and when I read your words I can imagine more of what you are doing.

I'm glad you've been learning about bees with those gorgeous foxgloves. I am very passionate about bees at the moment and have been planting a bee garden. It's so important that we plant bee friendly plants to ensure they have enough food. I've planted chives, lavender, marjoram, thyme, comfrey and some wild flowers.

And you're one year older since I last checked your blog too. Guess what? Your Birthday is just two days after mine, so I'm a year older too. It looks like you had a wonderful day and some lovely presents :)

Thank you for all the lovely updates - Verona and I enjoyed reading them and verona especially loved the Victorian classroom as we're learning about them at the moment. I learnt that the Victorians invented the first flushing toilet, the lightbulb, the telephone and the car - they were very busy and clever people!

Susie said...

Hello, I have been very busy and have a busy week this week too. I'm glad you like my blog, Coral really liked her present a lot today, i bought her a china cup and bowl for her breakfast so she thinks of me every day. I miss her now she goes to school and she said she misses me too.
Happy birthday to you too, mummy said we are the same star sign, i am a gemini.
We have a big ivy bush in our garden with lots and lots of bees and butterflies on it, i love watching them. I want to plant more things but mummy said there is no room in our tiny garden.
We are going to have a Victorian day soon at our homeschool group that mummy made, i like the clothes they used to wear. I like learning about American Pioneers too and especially Laura Ingles. Does Verona like Laura Ingles?
Love Hannah

Rae said...

Hi Hannah, my gemini friend :)
Are you talkative like me and like to read about 4 books at once? I find writing helps me to get down all my thoughts and it's a creative thing to do.

It's lovely that you have butterflies and bees in your garden.

Your Victorian day sounds wonderful. Verona never got on with the Little House on the prairie books, but I thought she would. Perhaps I'll rent the dvd for her and see whether she enjoys it now.

Enjoy the sunshine :)