Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Happy Birthday Hannah.

Today was Hannah's 5th birthday. After opening her presents this morning, we went to Manor Farm - a working Victorian farm - with some of her friends. We had a fantastic time there, Hannah was able to bottle feed some lambs, play with some piglets, learn about milking and handle a duckling, baby rabbit and chick. She and her friends dressed up in Victorian clothing and tried out the Victorian school room, looked around the Victorian farmhouse and joined in a craft group making butterflies. It was a really lovely experience. After 5 hours at the farm we went on to grandma's house for a family tea party and more presents. It has been a really memorable 5th birthday :-)

8 am opening presents.

Bottlefeeding lambs with Sydney.
These piglets were just running around the farm and stopped to play with the girls.
Tess, Hannah B, Hannah L, Gabrielle and Sydney
Making Butterflies in the farmhouse.
The Hannah's and Sydney dressed up in the victorian school room.
Looking cute in the barn.
Hannah with a 2 day old duckling
Hannah has a 5 day old chick and Sydney has the duckling.
Waiting for milking time.
More presents at Grandma's house 
A gorgeous wooden stables, horsebox and landrover  - lucky girl!
Blowing out the candles.
Happy with her High School Musical cake!


Gina said...

A Huge Happy 5th Birthday Hannah!

Dawn said...

Looks like she had a great birthday. We love going to Manor Farm - not far from us and my daughter loves meeting the young animals too, we were there on Sunday 24th.

Dawn x
(GP Mommy)