Thursday, 21 May 2009

Science Experiments

This evening Hannah decided she wanted to do some experiments from her Junior Science book, so after looking through to find out what we actually had the ingredients for, we came up with these:

Take a bowl of milk at room temperature, add a drop or two of food colouring to the centre and then drip in some washing up liquid. The washing up liquid causes the water to swirl around making patterns with the colouring.

Next Hannah added oil to a bowl of water to see the oil float (she also added food colouring and ice cubes because "it was more fun" lol)

Making a water xylophone:

Add different amounts of water to same sized jars and tap the jars with a pencil to hear the different notes. We tried this with and without lids to hear the difference.

Bicarbonate Of Soda and Vinegar Volcano: Well, not actually a volcano as we just mixed it in a bowl, but Hannah loved the fizzy foam it made. We are going to try it again using a bottle inside an earth volcano shape to get a better reaction.

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