Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Pony Riding Again

Hanging out in the tack room before her ride.

We've had another beautiful day here today. Hannah went out riding this morning and had a lovely time. She rode over Portsdown hill which separates Portsmouth city and the suberbs from open farmland and gorgeous countryside. The bridleway she rode along runs along the top of the hill behind Fort Widley and you can see for miles towards the villages of Denmead and Southwick. Today Hannah spotted lots of butterflies, birds and wild flowers on her ride.

Ready to go - she is riding Shaley who is one of her favourites.
The view from the bridleway across the fields.

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Rae said...

What a beautiful day! verona used to go riding once a week, but hasn't done it for ages. She was talking about it the other day, so perhaps we'll book up for her to go again.
How lovely Hannah can go into the open countryside - where V went it was along a track in the horse riding centre - not really very inspiring!