Thursday, 10 June 2010

'School' and Sewing.

We had a whole day at home today, which was much harder than it sounds as we are currently finishing week two with the builders in and looking at at least another week!!
Still, Hannah did get quite a lot of things done despite the distractions.

She learned how to alphabetise words,

And practised writing her whole name out as it occurred to us today that she didn't know how to spell Elizabeth.......ooops!!
She learned coin values

and revised the perimeter calculation that she had learned earlier in the week, followed by some more addition and subtraction, odd and even numbers and hours of the clock.

Then we read this book -

and talked about all the things we can do to be a really good friend.

This afternoon Hannah started a sewing kit that she received for her birthday from her friends Tess and Brodie (Adventures In Wonderland). She really enjoyed it, and although she needed a little help with some of the sewing she did a really good job!

Sewing the two heart shapes together,

Adding the wool filling

All finished - a beautiful hanging heart cushion!

See how pleased she is with it!!! Thank you very much Tess and Brodie :-)


Fiona said...

Sofie will be most impressed that Hannah can sew (sewing is one of her current passions), not to mention the cute Hello Kitty t-shirt.

Rae said...

Gorgeous heart - you're very talented Hannah. And what a lot of work you did! We have builders in next week, so I doubt we'll get anything done!