Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Father's Day Trip to Bursledon Windmill

On Sunday we had a lovely family trip to Bursledon Windmill, near Southampton.

Bursledon Windmill is Hampshire's only working Windmill and was built in 1814. We had a tour of the windmill, discovered how it works, and saw the different flours that the mill grinds.

We watched the damsel fly's over the wildlife pond,

and Dean and Hannah tried their hand at grinding grain in the Chineham barn using the ancient saddle quern and the medieval rotary quern.

Hannah was just tall enough to be allowed up onto the platform to see the sails close up.

The windmill is in a lovely location, very peaceful and with beautiful views down to the sea and the Isle Of Wight. We'd definitely recommend a visit to anyone.

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