Friday, 18 June 2010

Wild Flower Walk

Today Hannah and I have spent the whole day with a new (to us) home education group. We knew a couple of families from other events which was nice - it's always good to see a few familiar faces and it certainly helped Hannah to join in as one of her friends from Portsmouth was there.
We joined the group for a guided wild flower walk this morning which was fantastic. The guide was really informative, and the children were all very comfortable with him, asking questions and exploring the area looking for flowers and insects. Hannah really enjoyed being with the other children and it was so nice to see her gaining confidence and joining in as she had been very nervous earlier in the morning.

After the walk we all had a picnic lunch together before spending the afternoon at an open air paddling pool where Hannah had an absolute blast!! She splashed, paddled, played and swam all afternoon, and then even managed a quick trip to the play equipment before heading home.
We are definitely intending to join the group again and look forward to seeing everyone soon.

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