Monday, 7 June 2010

Back To Normal

I'm very pleased to report that Hannah is all better from the stomach flu bug she had last week, and today we were able to get back to normal with some new lessons, and some catching up from last week!

She started this morning with some subtraction and money calculation,

Then some addition, including learning how to measure and calculate the perimeter of a rectangle.

Next she did some writing practise, and did really well with cursive writing. She missed her tutor last week and wanted to practise her writing to make up for it.

We also started a new Grade 1 Reading Comprehension book.

After lunch Hannah wanted to do something creative so she did some painting - this is a beachscape,

and did lots of experimental color mixing!
Finally we walked down to Canoe Lake to meet some friends and Hannah had a lovely couple of hours playing in the splash park with her friends and eating ice cream!


Fiona said...

Glad Hannah is feeling better. It certainly looks like she has had a busy day, and I love her painting.

Michelle said...

so glad she is feeling better ~ tummy bugs are just awful!

sue said...

So glad Hannah is over the bug, its awful when our little ones get sick isnt it :(
sue xx

Rae said...

So glad hannah is feeling better and it sounds like she's been really busy with her school work. I love the painting :)