Wednesday, 25 August 2010

An Arty Home Ed Group Session

Our group meetings are usually held in the main city library here, but last week some vandals blocked the 3rd floor sinks and left the taps on all night resulting in flood damage to the whole library and emergency closure of the building for at least two weeks (isn't that terrible?). So, today we had our meeting at my house!!!
My house is VERY small, and we had 15 of us in here, but it was really fun!! The children all behaved beautifully and seemed to enjoy the session alot.

We are having our 'Not Back To School' picnic next week, so today we started to get ready for it. The children all decorated t-shirts with Home Schooling slogans and pictures on them, and then helped the mums to make a big banner to put up at the picnic.
They all did a great job with their t-shirts using fabric paints and marker pens and Hannah is really looking forward to wearing hers next week!

Hannah decorating her shirt
That's the first part done!!I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who came to my house today and made it such a good session i really appreciate you coming (especially on such a rainy day!) x

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claire said...

wow! well done you. That's very brave to have so many people round! I'm really looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow!