Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday Morning

A few weeks ago Hannah asked me if we could start going to church again. I used to take her as a baby and toddler, but after we moved house she was very shy of going as she didn't want to sit in the adult service and wasn't confident enough to go to Sunday School. But, she decided she wanted to try again, so we went along to a few services and she sat with me in the church. This morning she was really excited, and decided that today she would go back to sunday school !! She did!! And she loved it!!!

Here she is racing on ahead of me on her new favourite toy - her scooter.

Waiting for me outside of Church - she was in such a hurry we were half an hour early lol!
She went into the Sunday School really happily and came out with this lovely picture she had coloured.

She also told me all about the story they had had, which was The Parable Of The Sower, and said that after the story the children planted cress seeds which they are going to check on each week.
She made some new friends and really enjoyed her morning, and i got to enjoy a lovely service too.
The Parable Of The Sower - for anyone interested.
A farmer went out to plant his garden. As he was throwing the seed on the ground some fell on the hard path nearby and the birds came and ate them.
The next seeds fell near some rocks the farmer had in a pile nearby. There was not much dirt around the rocks so the seeds started to sprout and grow the next day. When seeds aren't planted in the dirt they don't grow roots which help them stay strong and wet, which help them grow properly.
So in the afternoon when the sun was very hot the little plants that started to grow among the rocks withered away and died because they had no root in the ground.
As the farmer continued to throw seeds onto the ground some of the seeds fell among the weeds and thorns that he hadn't pulled out. The thorns grew faster and taller then the seeds, so the seeds couldn't get enough sunlight and were choked out by the thorns.
Finally, some seed fell on the good soil that the farmer had worked and dug holes for the seed to go into. Those seeds made plants and those plants produced lots and lots of vegetables.


Devonmama said...

So glad you're enjoying church together! Although I really want to bring up our boys in faith I've been hesitant to get involved in a church as it would mean leaving Henry in the 'creche' - sort of defeats the object of going if you see what I mean! Hope you both continue to have fun on Sundays :) x

Susie said...

I never wanted to leave Hannah in the creche either - for the same reason. She's always stayed with me through the services before. Our churches have never minded - maybe you could try a service with Henry staying with you and see how it goes? We have a childrens area in the church where we can sit and the children can play and draw. Does yours have anything like that?