Saturday, 7 August 2010

A Walk around Portchester Castle and Church

Yesterday we went on a walk around Portchester Castle and Church with four other families from our Home Ed group.
We started the walk in castle Street and walked along a footpath from Cow Lane which was lined with wild flowers and early fruits (yellow plums and sloes). We followed the path all along the shore line and down to Porchester Castle.

After a look around the outside of the castle we carried on to the church, which is inside the castle walls and very pretty.

Inside the church the children explored all the displays and read the information about the church.

Hannah and her friend Caterina

After a refreshing cup of tea and cake in the church coffee shop we headed back up Castle street to the village to finish our walk (and for Hannah and me it was on to Grandma's for tea as she lives in the village).

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