Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The last few days....

Have been lovely, and we haven't really even done anything!

On Sunday Hannah went riding and had her first ever canter!! She said it was scary, especially as she almost came off (but managed to cling on) when the saddle slipped, and was very proud of herself when she tried it again and got it right.

Grooming Cracker, who isn't really headless,
Just very hungry!!
Having a canter and getting it right!!

Pony Love :-)

On monday we pottered around at home and Hannah made herself a camp with a few rugs, a couple of lead ropes and a sheet - then she spent all day out in it!

Before finally coming in to help with dinner when she got hungry. She loves peeling and chopping veg, how great is that?? I'm very pleased to let her lol ;-)

And today we went to Baffins pond to meet some other homeschoolers for a play date. I intended to take some pictures, but Hannah disappeared off into the chaos that is a playground during the summer holidays and that was the end of the pictures! She had lots of fun though, and then went back to her friend Esme's house and played some more before falling asleep in the bike trailer on the way home.

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