Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Art and Baking

Yesterday we had an arty, crafty, cooking sort of morning!

Hannah tried some hot rock art. One of the mum's at home ed group suggested it for a group activity next half term, and Hannah was really interested to see what it was. So, we found a huge stone that she had me drag back from the beach one day, and popped it in the oven to heat up. Then Hannah carefully decorated it with crayons which melted to give a really nice effect.

Next i felted Hannah a new toadstool for her season table (and also a Smurf although i didn't get a picture of that before in disappeared to live in the doll house!)
and then Hannah wanted to help make lunch. She chopped up lots of root veg and squash for our soup and then made spelt bread.
She loves to knead the dough!
While the dough was rising she turned the flour sprinkled counter top into a snowy landscape for her little doll house doll to play in :-)
While keeping a close eye on the soup and rising dough on the stove.
The loaf turned out really well, (despite the poor picture!) and we had a lovely lunch before Hannah's friends arrived for an afternoon of play!
My favourite sort of day!!

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