Friday, 28 October 2011

A Day At The Races

Yesterday Hannah and I accompanied Dean to a catering exhibition at Fontwell Racecourse. He was invited there in a work capacity, but was able to take family along and enjoy the races as well as the exhibition.

We arrived early enough to see the horses unloading - Hannah was so excited to see them all!

Then she visited all the catering stands with her daddy and taste tested lots of goodies - she was especially happy with the ice cream stand!
After that we were able to look around the course and watch the races.
Hannah thought the horse and jockey topiary was fantastic!
She watched the horses get ready for their races,

and watched all of the races - she was much braver than me, I was terrified one of the horses would fall and hurt themselves and had to keep my eyes shut for the jumps! Needless to say they were all fine, but i don't really think i'm cut out for the races!!

After each race the horses were taken back to the collecting ring to cool down, so we had a really good view of the winners.
Hannah loved her day, and really loved being around all the horses as well as helping daddy with his work function.........................and i won £6.40 on the last race :-)

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The Adventurer said...

Hi there and thanks for following. This is a great field trip I have never been to a horse race but we did go to the National Stud farm in New Market last year and learned a lot about horse racing. Please consider linking up to the Field trip hop and share your adventure with other home schoolers.