Friday, 25 November 2011

History Day

Yesterday we spent the whole day at an Introduction to History session that I helped to run with two other mum's from our group.

Sarah ran the morning session. She taught the children about ordering events, timelines, evidence, and making deductions from primary and secondary evidence.

Here are some of the children ordering themselves by date of birth!
All the children brought photos of themselves with them, one for each year. They sorted them into order,

and made their own timelines.
This is Hannah's completed timeline!
Sarah explained evidence to the group.

and the children sorted it into primary and secondary (and at least one mum - (that would be me) - learned something as well!!)
After a break for lunch we had an afternoon session of Victorian Christmas crafts.

I made Christmas crackers with the children,
Sarah made tree decorations,

and Claire made Sugar Mice with everyone.
It was a really busy day, but so worth it as Hannah told me last night that she had really enjoyed the whole day and wanted to do it all again :-)

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Sarah said...

Glad she enjoyed it. Boys had fun too.