Thursday, 3 November 2011

Nature Journal

I have been meaning to get Hannah started on a Nature Journal for a few weeks now. She loves everything about nature and is never happier than when she is out in the woods or fields so I thought it would be nice for her to have her own nature journal.

She wanted to start with trees, and chose the Horse Chestnut as she has recently had fun searching all the parks for conkers.
We picked two books to help, ' A Childs Guide To Trees' (an Eden Project Book), and 'Tree Detectives'.
Hannah drew a Horse Chestnut leaf and a conker and then painted them using water colours, and then wrote a little bit about why she likes the trees.
We found a poem in our ' Festivals, Family and Food' book called 'Among The Nuts', which Hannah read, it was perfect as it is all about the life of a conker!

To finish off we found a conker craft, making a conker web - simply stick tooth picks around a conker and weave yarn around them - very similar to a 'Gods Eye' and beautiful hanging over the season table!


Jessica said...

The is something about being in nature that lets you relax and come away refreshed. I love Hannahs conker eye....although its a while away they would look nice on the xmas tree too.

The Adventurer said...

Love the conker craft, I am going to get my daughter to do that. We have a huge bucket of conkers:) in the backyard. Are you in England?

Susie said...

Hey Adventurer, they are so cute aren't they :-) Yes we are in England, Portsmouth (Hampshire). Are you?