Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday Sunshine

What beautiful autumn weather we've had today! Dean was working, so Hannah and i went for a walk down to the seafront. Hannah took her dolls pram (with Lanie in it!) and i packed her a picnic and we walked down to The Rose Gardens just across from the beach. There were a few stops on the way for tree climbing!

And then a picnic in the sunshine! There were even a few roses still blooming.
After our picnic we went across to the beach, where there were some quite excited waves, and a quite excited little girl!

Throwing pebbles in to the waves,
and running away from them when they came too close!

Whenever we visit the beach Hannah always leaves the sea a gift - last week she left a sand face with seaweed hair, today she left a stone circle!

The beach certainly blew the cobwebs away today!
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