Sunday, 6 November 2011

November 5th - Bonfire Night!

Yesterday, here in the UK, it was Bonfire night. Traditionally it is celebrated with a bonfire and fireworks in rememberence of Guy Fawkes foiled attempt to blow up the Houses Of Parliment in 1605!

Our day started with a trip to the park with Hannah's friend Coral. Hannah hasn't been well this week and was really keen for some fresh air so we met Coral and her grandma and the girls climbed trees and ran around outside exploring and having fun together.

We had lunch with them and more play before Hannah and I left to go to Southampton. Hannah had been saving her pocket money and wanted to go to Build-A-Bear to get a puppy dog.

When we got home it was dark and Dean had bought food and fireworks! We built a fire in the fire pit, cooked sausages and hash browns and made a little firework display for Hannah.

The Fire PitFireworks!

Hannah with her sparklers!
She is very fond of sparklers!!


happy's mommy said...

Fire pits and fireworks...oh're a much more adventurous soul than I! :P

...danielle - raising little rhodies

happy's mommy said... daughter is looking over my should VERY jealous that Hannah got to play with sparklers. And she also thinks she "looks like her kinda friend". I thought that was too cute!

...d - raising little rhodies

Susie said...

Aww that's adorable :-) - Hannah will love that when i tell her!