Saturday, 13 October 2012

History Group

Yesterday it was my turn to lead the history group session. We are still looking at famous Victorians, and I thought that Alexander Graham Bell might be interesting. Luckily the children seemed to agree!

We began by reading a short biography - the children took turns to read aloud, and then answered some questions about his life. They did this as a team effort and all took turns to write the answers as well.

Then we had a 'match the sentence' quiz and a word search

and to finish the children all had a go at making a rudimentary telephone with paper cups and string.

They tried making the string shorter and longer to find the best length to make the phone work and Hannah's friend Ellen managed to make hers the whole length of the house we were working in!!

I actually enjoyed leading the session and Hannah said it was really fun and interesting so that was a nice end to the week!

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Woolly Wanderer said...

Just catching up with you and Hannah. Your holiday snaps are fab and as always you manage to pack so much in to each and every day.

San x