Saturday, 13 October 2012


On Thursday we spent the day at Wild Group. It was a wet, gloomy day!!

The children began by filling in the weather data in their folders,

and then Hannah did her Magic Spot observations as she had missed doing that last week while we were away.

Then the children worked in groups to make leaf pictures on the trees. We used cocktail sticks (snapped in halves) to pin fallen leaves to the bark in pictures or patterns.

Hannah and Lucy found it quite tricky but enjoyed it with a little help!

After lunch we had circle time when the children shared all their news, and then we made hot rocks to edge the newly dug allotment with.

Hot rocks are great! You just collect a bunch of rocks from the beach (or wherever) , heat them in the oven and then carefully draw on them with old wax crayons. The crayons melt into beautiful pictures and set as the rocks cool.

Maybe next week it won't be raining so hard and i'll get a picture of them adorning allotment!

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