Thursday, 18 October 2012

Wild Group

Today was our weekly Wild Group session and this week's theme was trees.

The children began by doing their weekly weather record and filling in their charts. Hannah was surprised to find we had had 8 inches of rain this week!

 Next they each chose a tree from around the gardens to draw, identify and describe.

 Here is Hannah drawing the tree she chose,

 and her tree, from root to tip!

She used her ID book to discover that her tree is a Beech.

At lunch time the children all had a fantastic time playing in the fallen leaves!

After lunch it was circle time, and Hannah had prepared a poem called Autumn Woods to read to the group which really fitted in with todays theme.

Our final activity was a craft, and children were all given a ball of clay to create faces in the trees. They looked awesome when they were finished!

Hannah made 'The Old Tree Man' - I think he is great!

Hannah's friend Amelie made a really good womble face in her tree, you can see it here on the left with Hannah's further back on the right.

Womble and Old Tree Man  .

And after all that we caught the boat home!!

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happy's mommy said...

I LOOOOOVE her Old Tree Man...and this idea for a group! You may have just inspired me! ;)

...danielle - Raising Little Rhodies