Monday, 28 January 2013

A New Unworkbook And Some Time With Daddy!

Today Hannah spent most of the day at home with Dean while I went to visit my dad. She has a new book which I bought after my friend Gina blogged about it here , so she started it today with Dean.

She chose two activities, one was learning about her name and the other was a 3D colouring activity.

The book is a big hit, thank you Gina for recommending it!

Hannah said she missed me today while I was out, so she made me some surprises for when I came home!
She made me a card telling me how much she loves me, a bunch of paper flowers and a badge which says 'Mummy' , I am so lucky :-)

and finally, she made cupcakes with daddy for tonight's desert and they are delicious!!


San said...

Lovely picture of you both, especially you Susie! Hope you had a lovely time with your Dad and how sweet to be missed!

San xx

gina sewell said...

Mmmmm, those cakes look delicious!
How nice to be missed and you look so lovely in those pictures, your hair is getting so long! My hair is back to a bob length now, determined to grow it!

Mia has been looking at Hannah's photos on your blog and asked when we can come and see you.
Gina xxx

gina sewell said...

So glad you liked the Unworkbook too :) x x