Friday, 4 January 2013

Feeding The Birds

If you were to ask Hannah what the best thing about our new house is she would definitely say feeding all the birds that we get in our new garden!

We never really got any in our garden in the city so this is really exciting for us. We have binoculars and a bird book by the French doors at all times ready to identify all the new birds we see and we feed them every day.

So far we have had robins, a wren, bluetits and great tits, blackbirds, goldfinches, sparrows and chaffinch, greenfinch, siskin, a jay and even a woodpecker!! It is absolutely incredible to watch them all!
Checking the bird tables have food on them.

The big bird table that came with the garden!
Friendly robin!

Hannah's little bird table she got for her birthday last year in it's new home - the robins and sparrows love this table!


Hagthorn said...

Lovely! I'd like to live out of the city but don't think I'm going to win on that one. The robin is beautiful - they can get so friendly - my dad had one that used to follow him round the garden. Glad you're enjoying your new home :-)

San said...

Lovely pics especially the one of the robin! I'm hoping to drop you a line now that Christmas is out of the way.

Love to you

san xx