Monday, 14 January 2013

An Extraordinary Party

On Saturday afternoon Hannah went to her friend Ben's 8th birthday party - hereafter known as The Best Party EVER!!!!

It was called Peculiar Encounters and was awesome! The party people brought animals with them for the children to meet, pet and learn about, not just ordinary animals either, Hannah met (amongst others) a fox, prairie dog, meerkat, racoon, albino hedgehogs, a snake, bearded dragon, hissing cockroach, giant snail, praying mantis, pouched rat and a skunk!

Here are the best of the pictures we took -

Boa Constrictor

Giant African Snail


Snail again!

Hannah's favourite, the fox.

Hannah and Izzy agreed that he had the softest fur !


Isn't he adorable?


Pouched Rat

Eating nuts!

Holding the albino hedgehog

Hannah would like to say a HUGE thank you to Ben for inviting her to The Best Party EVER!!

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higglepea home ed said...

That's a party my soon to be 16 year old animal mad daughter would love. Looks fantastic!