Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Teacup Candles

Yesterday at our home education group the children made candles. We all donated our old candles, wax beads and wicks for the activity, and the children all brought along a teacup or jar to fill. We split the candles into colours to be melted down, and added wax crayons to the wax beads and white candles to give us a whole rainbow of colours. Then as each colour was ready the children poured them in layers into their chosen recepticle.
It worked really well (after a little bit of trial and error in the melting department - who knew candles wouldn't melt in a microwave? Not me!!)  and we had some beautiful candles at the end.

Melting the wax

Hannah layered the colours into her teacups.

All Finished!


Angela said...

Fantastic! Really enjoyed doing it x

gina sewell said...

They look lovely x x