Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Bits And Pieces Of Our Week

This week there has been a lot of imaginary play! Hannah has been making up scenes and stories using her felted fairies and play silks, and has really enjoyed incorporating our pumpkin hoard into her play.

Felted and knitted toadstool land

Rainbow fairy house

pumpkin houses
 On Sunday we went to a Halloween party held at our friends house. It was really fun! There was pumpkin rolling, pumpkin croquet, tickle or treat and yummy food! Hannah dressed up as Snow White and her Build A Bear rabbit went as a snow princess.

We finally sorted out our season table, Hannah made an autumnal lantern by gluing coloured leaves on to an old glass jar. It looks so pretty when the candle inside is lit.

As it is school half term holiday here this week Hannah was able to meet up with her very oldest friend Coral. The girls had the best day together, they were so happy hanging out and catching up. We went out to lunch and shopped and also played at our house - Hannah discovered that Coral loved American Girl dolls and was sooooo happy!!!

Coral and Hannah do lunch!!
So far, it's been a very nice week :-)

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Jessica said...

Its always nice catching up with friends:) Especially when we don't see enough of them!