Monday, 21 October 2013

Literature, Math And History

Despite lots of pictures of us out and about having play dates and field trips, Hannah does do some learning at home. I like to make sure she does some English and maths each week, and we host a history group at our house because it's her favorite subject to study in a group. We also read geographical stories (like Paddle To The Sea by Holling C Holling) and make geography projects (Hannah likes to learn about other countries and loved learning about Australia), she has piano and music lessons at home, and she also enjoys online learning with Education City.

Last week we were working through Hannah's fourth grade LLATL curriculum, learning about division and working some more on her Pilgrims lapbook.


Maths - Division

For history group we did some pilgrim cooking before continuing with the next three lapbook activities.

The girls made hardtack biscuits which the pilgrims would have eaten aboard the Mayflower, and then hasty pudding, which the pilgrims would have eaten once they arrived in the United States.

Hasty Pudding

The hardtack was just flour and water baked hard in the oven, and the hasty pudding, cornmeal and water cooked in a pan until thickened with yummy maple syrup on top.

The girls all hated the hasty pudding and ate the revolting hardtack instead - funny girls!!

The lap books are really coming together now and looking very nice, Hannah is very pleased with hers and is already keen to do some others that she has spotted online!


Fiona said...

The sentence 'we have ten pumpkins in our lounge' is priceless!

Susie said...

Unfortunately it's also true...........................whatever am i going to do with 10 pumpkins lol!!