Sunday, 13 October 2013

Pumpkin Festival

Yesterday we went to Royal Victoria Country Park for their annual pumpkin festival. There were lots of stalls, funfair rides and activities, but unfortunately  it was also super loud and crowded which bothered Hannah quite a lot.

We enjoyed the Scarecrow Alley,

and Hannah found a stall selling knitted and crocheted season table items which she was very excited about! She chose a toadstool, acorn, hedgehog and two autumn leaves (i will have to take some season table pictures now). She also found some wooden Halloween stencils that she had to have!

Before we left we checked out the giant pumpkin competition. How do they grow them soooo big??

Afterwards we went out to a pumpkin farm that we had seen so that we could choose some pumpkins to decorate. Hannah loved  seeing the trailers piled high with beautiful orange pumpkins and chose three to take home.


Megan L said...

reminds me that we need to decorate some pumpkins soon!

The Adventurer said...

Love Love the scarecrows. We are making one this week for the front of our house:) Maybe I lived int he wrong part of the country but I never saw fall decorations where we lived:(