Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Yoga at Adventure Group - and a few more Pumpkins!

Today has been busy! Hannah had her piano lesson this morning, and then Adventure Group this afternoon. Today was yoga, which Hannah really enjoys. I was busy meeting with a new group member, so my friend Emma kindly took some photo's for me. Thanks Emma :-)

After group we went with our friends Helen, Cecily and Rosa to see another pumpkin display that they had heard about. It was really sweet, a barn roof had been decorated with a Cinderella scene.

They were also selling pumpkins, and we may have accidentally bought another eight (yes, eight!!) pumpkins of various shapes, colours and sizes.............oops!!


Maria dolores Lopez godoy said...

Hello, I love your blog and your photograph. Congratulations. Kisses from Spain. http://redecoratelg.blogspot.com.es/

The Adventurer said...

Great pumpkin display. WHile we lived in the UK we never saw pumpkin displays, except when we travelled to Germany:) I always got a little homesick for the states as pumpkins are really big over here. Love the kids doing yoga, mine won't sit still long enough to do it when we tried:)

Susie said...

We had to do quite a bit of searching to find the displays, but it was worth it. All the US blogs we follow go to these fantastic displays, so i was determined to find one here this year :-)