Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A Busy Tuesday

Hannah had her weekly piano lesson first thing this morning and then settled down to do some of her workbooks. She chose maths, language arts and spelling activities.


A spelling crossword
When she had finished it was nearly lunchtime and Hannah wanted to cook, so we made pizza. She weighed out all the ingredients and made the dough herself and then chose a cheese and tomato topping! She then helped me to make another veggie pizza for Dean and myself.

They were really yummy!

After lunch we went to Portchester Common for some fresh air. We were the only people there, and as it is up on top of Portsdown Hill it was a very bracing walk!

Dean pointed out all the city landmarks to Hannah.

You really can see for miles!
Hannah practiced her tracking skills - there were plenty of paw and hoof prints to follow!

Finally late this afternoon we got the sewing machine out and made a couple of things for the American Girl dolls.
Kit has a new dress and matching bag, and Lanie has a reversible skirt (and Hannah has a list of other items for me to work through!!!)

Hannah also skyped with her friend, played on minecraft, watched pokemon and read quite a lot of her latest pony story today..........................it's been a busy Tuesday!

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The Adventurer said...

My goodness you accomplished quite a bit for Tuesday:). So nice to see your partner enjoying time spent with Hannah