Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Gaming and Art

We have all been knocked down by a nasty virus this week so we have had some quiet days at home. Hannah has spent some time playing Animal Jam and Club Penguin online and has met her friend Tess in the games and has been able to type and chat to her so she hasn't been too lonely. She has also had texts and skype messages from her friends at our homeschooling group which cheered her up very much.

Hannah used to love to play Club Penguin, but had been playing Minecraft recently instead. I know there have been lots of pro Minecraft things written, and we have many, many friends who love it and find it works really well for their children, but I just can't feel comfortable about it. Hannah has been distressed as much as she has been happy playing Minecraft, and i'm so glad to see her finding enjoyment with her friends on Club Penguin again.

In fact, she is so happy to be playing again that when she wasn't playing she was drawing puffles!!

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