Friday, 21 March 2014

Another Goodbye

My lovely friend Louise and her family who we have been really good friends with for the last few years are moving away. We are happy for them of course, as they have a lovely new life to look forward to, but we are really going to miss them. We have been doing history group with the girls for the last couple of years and meeting weekly for social time and have become really good friends.

Hannah and Ellen have really enjoyed 'inventing' useful household items so today, for their last play date they made a tool chair!!

This is my kitchen chair with everything from the tool box either taped or tied on to it. Now I can rest easy while i fix things - thanks girls !!

It was sad saying goodbye, Hannah especially is going to miss Ellen, and Louise has been a good friend to me, but we will definitely keep in touch and see them again as soon as we can :-)