Monday, 31 March 2014

Matchbox Swap Number Two - World Foods

This month the home schooling matchbox swap theme was World Foods. Hannah was really excited about this one and wanted to do Hawaii. We did lots of research on the internet, and Hannah made good use of her American Girl Doll 'Kanani' whose story is set in Hawaii, and came up with this -

Hannah made a Fimo clay coconut and Pineapple for the top of the box.

Mochi on the bottom of the box


Ingredients and Shave Ice recipe

A map in a matchbox!

Hannah wrote her swapee a letter to go with the box to explain why she chose Hawaii.

Hannah received a great matchbox in return all about the food in Russia :-)

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The Adventurer said...

What a wonderful match box...what is fun about it for me is that we too are studying Hawaii with the children and we are planning a holiday there is 4 weeks. We hope to try many of the foods that. Hannah wrote about:)