Sunday, 25 May 2014

Pre Birthday Trip To Manor Farm

Hannah is turning 10 tomorrow! My little girl is really growing up, she was only 4 when I started this blog!

To celebrate we took both of Hannah's grandmothers with us to Manor Farm on Friday. It was very wet, which made it very quiet, so we could wander around peacefully and see all the new young animals and explore the farmhouse and schoolhouse.

Runner Ducklings

Chick Incubators

Funky Chicken!!

Rain on the pond.

Tack Room

Hannah loves the tack room !


In the farmhouse we looked at how families would have lived during the 1930's and 1940's.
Laundry Mangle


Bed with a feather filled eiderdown

Stove for warmth and cooking
 Upstairs in the cottage there were some dressing up items - everyone tried on the hats!



Daddy (oh dear!)

And little miss Hannah!
We visited the school and Hannah tried out a desk, and saw the toys the schoolchildren would have played with in the school yard.

Grammy at the school door

Roses in the school yard.

Across the school yard in a barn Hannah found a donkey foal, just 4 days old!

Everyday at manor Farm they have a small animal meet and greet - Hannah was the only child there during our visit and was lucky enough to meet a duckling who had just hatched that morning and a 2 day old chick.

 Finally the rain stopped and we went to visit the neighbouring St Bartholomew's Church

 This church, along with the pond at Manor Farm are both mentioned in The Domesday Book, and there is evidence of a Roman road running through the site. It's a really interesting place to visit and one of our favourites!

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Hannah!

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Fiona said...

Happy, happy birthday Hannah.
We will be thinking of you, and are sure you will have a wonderful day.

And thank you so much for the beautiful birthday package you sent for Sofie. She loved it :-)
We are a bit behind with things in general right now, but will reciprocate asap.

Enjoy your special day. 10 seems like such a milestone.