Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Priory Park and Piano

Hannah had a piano lesson this morning - she is doing well according to her teacher, and enjoys her lessons, but finds the structure of daily practise stressful. She enjoys just playing for herself and worries over the smallest things when she has to practise. I think more of an unschooling approach is needed if that is possible while learning a musical instrument.................

After her lesson we went to Priory Park in Chichester to meet up with some other home schooling families for some social time. Two of Hannah's newfound best friends were there and the three girls had a fun time together chatting and playing. Hannah is definitely happy with the new group we have been meeting up with, such nice people.

We went home via all the charity shops in Chichester searching for Jellycat soft toys and books to add to Hannah's ever increasing collection!


Katie Pybus said...

That is a lovely photo on the rock - S has just had all her hair chopped off - You'll see tomorrow it is very short!

The Adventurer said...

I love the new header picture (is that what it is called). Those are blue bells aren't they. My kids I and were just saying the other day we miss the walks in woods in England looking for snowdrops and blue bells...sigh
So glad Hannah is meeting nice news people and hopefully you are too:)