Friday, 16 May 2014

Westbury Manor - A Trip To Fareham's Museum

Yesterday Hannah and I went on an organised home education trip to Westbury Manor. The museum covers the history of the local area and was really interesting.

Here is my funny girl waiting to go in!

Learning about some of the household items that would have been used in local houses in the last 100 years.

 Museum search - Hannah drew the picture of the scales and had to search around the museum until she found the real thing!

 A scene from a Victorian schoolroom

Hannah found the model of Fareham 100 years ago really interesting. We explored the difference between Fareham today and 100 years ago, and Hannah spent a long time spotting cats, dogs and horses in the model just for fun!

We had a Strawberry Fields adventure pack to do, the children solved the clues by using the museum displays and learnt a lot about the strawberry trade in the area at the same time.

All finished

We also looked at the historical toy displays and the wildlife in the area.

Afterwards we had a run around in the museum gardens, where I was persuaded to play tag with a bunch of very fast children - i didn't catch any of them !

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