Saturday, 17 May 2014

Wildlife Watch - Pond Dipping and Insect Hunting

Last night we camped out in the tent, which meant that we were awake reeeeaaaally early this morning (thank you dawn chorus!). Luckily we had lots to do as it was Hannah's Wildlife Watch meeting today.

She had arranged to meet her friends Lucy and Jack there and they were going to be pond dipping. It was a lovely warm sunny morning and the children discovered lots of pond life and insects in the surrounding meadow.

The two nature ponds

Pond Snail

The children found water snails, pond skaters, water boatmen, lots of different larvae and even a newt!

On the water reeds we spotted dragonflies. These had either just hatched and were waiting for their wings to dry, or were in the process of hatching - they were amazing!

After the pond dipping Hannah went off on a bug hunt with Lucy and found a bright green spider, a ladybird and a young cricket.

We really love Wildlife Watch!

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