Friday, 24 July 2009

Baking.....but i lost the pictures :-(

Poor Hannah is very upset as today she baked her very first pizza, and then i lost all the photo's in transfer! Sorry Hannah :-)

Anyway, i promised i'd tell you all what we did so here goes! First we chopped up lots of vegetables to roast, then while they were cooking Hannah mixed up the pizza base dough. She had great fun kneading the dough, and the kitchen got very floury lol. Then she rolled out the dough, spread tomato paste on it and topped it with roasted veg and cheese. It was the best dinner ever! 

We also baked some really nice spelt bread while we were cooking, and it came out surprisingly well with a nice light texture and flavour.  We will be baking with spelt again :-)

Luckily i did manage to take another picture of the loaf before it was eaten!

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