Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Home Education Group - The USA

Today our home education group studied the USA. 
Hannah had chosen American Pioneers to study as her contribution as she is very fond of the Laura Ingalls Wilder 'Little House on The Prairie' stories. She told the group about the wagons the pioneers travelled in, about life on the trail and the food and toys they would have had. We had baked some trail cakes to try and took along some wooden toys we had (spinning buttons on string).
Hannah's friends Gabrielle and Hannah came dressed in traditional outfits, Hannah as a pioneer child and Gabrielle as a cowgirl. The girls also gave presentations on their home states, as did another family. 

We also heard presentations on Native American instruments and music, and the life of Walt Disney. It was a really interesting group, made even better by the fact that 65% of our group are American which meant we could share real experiences and views of the country together.
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