Saturday, 18 July 2009


Yesterday morning Hannah decided to make a poster for herself and Sydney. She drew the world, with her in England and Sydney in America, and then little pictures of things they both like around it. She asked me to write the message on the bottom and then we hung it on the wall. I think it really helped her to make it.

In the afternoon we met up with Hannah's friend Tess and her brother Brodie, and went to the local swimming pool. They have a wave machine, sprinklers, flumes and slides which the girls had a lot of fun with, and it's a lovely warm pool so mummy was happy too! 

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Rae said...

Hi Hannah; I love the poster you drew of you and Sydney - what a lovely idea and how lucky you are to have such a wonderful sounding pool and wave machine near to you!

Verona loves swimming and we take her once a week to the local pool for lessons; it's nowhere near as fancy as yours though :)