Saturday, 18 July 2009

Rainbow Day

Today we have been to a charity event for the hospice that Dean works for. It was called Rainbow day because of the huge wooden rainbow that is covered during the day with rainbow coloured messages from the visitors to the event.
They also had junior archeology, where Hannah dug in big sand tubs for pottery and flint tools, an exhibition of locally found Roman coins, funky fun mirrors, music, dancing and stalls. We were particularly pleased to find a herbalists stall and bought some gorgeous Rose, Linden and Lavender tea and some Rose and Geranium hand cream.

Afterwards Hannah and I walked to the shopping centre in Chichester (Dean was running the BBQ and couldn't leave the site), where we discovered an amazing new shop called Kids Love Earth. It is a children's nature and science shop and has everything you need to be a gardener or nature detective, and has some amazing science kits. We bought a book called 'George Saves The World By Lunchtime' all about reducing, reusing and recycling, and have a list of things we want for payday! Here is a link to their website for anyone who is interested 

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