Thursday, 3 December 2009

Advent Calendar, Nativity and Season Table.

Yesterday at our home-schooling group the children learned about advent and the nativity, and then made advent calendars to take home. Hannah drew a Christmas tree on her calendar  and decorated behind the windows with drawings and Christmas stickers, then she covered it all in glitter. She made a really good job of it and is very pleased with the results.

She also started her advent book this week (given to her by Grandma). There is a nativity piece for each day through the book, which we are putting on our season table, as well as a lovely story to read. 

And this is what our season table looks like at the moment. Hannah made the Robin today to put on the mirror (he is of course, glittered!!) and the nativity pieces are gathered around a gingerbread house until the stable is added on day 5!!!

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Rae said...

What lovely photos! Your seasonal table looks wonderful and I love the advent calender - it looks super. I've never made one like that, but always wanted to as a child!

Well done with the dancing too, Hannah; you do look lovely in your leotard and special shoes :)