Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Yesterday Hannah and i went to the local school to a Christmas workshop morning. Hannah met some of her friends there who go to the school and had a lovely time. There were cooking workshops, music, drama and dance workshops, art and craft and storytelling as well as an activity farm where Hannah met the goats, sheep ,pigs and chickens - and it was all free!!

I didn't get many pictures as she didn't actually keep still for very long, but here is one of the Christmas heart she had painted on her face........................

.............and running around the dance studio!!!

In the afternoon Hannah was very excited to make some Christmas goodies with Dean. She got all dressed up in her chefs outfit and they made mince pies, jam tarts and cinnamon pastries. 

Ready to cook!

the finished pies.
They are very good pies so i'm hoping for more baking tonight :-)

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Fiona said...

Love Hannah in the chef's outfit - sooo cute.
And do you make your own mincemeat? I am on the lookout for a recipe for next year (our pies had store bought mince this year).