Friday, 18 December 2009

Snow Day

We had snow today!! Hannah was so excited when we got up this morning, especially as we were going to visit our friends, Gina and her family, which involved a train ride out of the city to the village where they live. 

They had even more snow than we did, and the children had a wonderful day playing snowballs, and running around indoors and out, while Gina and i were able to relax and chat in the warmth of her lovely home. It was a really, really nice day - thank you so much Gina.

On the way there.

Hannah, Mia and Tarka playing in the snow.
Watch out, there's a snowball about!!
Snowball fight!!!


lynn said...

And Hannah had fun in the snow too :)

Joxy said...

:-) looks fabulous. I love your header photo too