Monday, 7 December 2009

St Wilfrids Christmas Reindeer Event

On Saturday we went to a charity reindeer meet run by St Wilfrids Hospice (the hospice that Dean works for), in  Chichester. We took one of Hannah's friends with us and the girls had a really lovely time. 
The event was held at one of the large charity shops, so we had a look around and bought some books for each of the girls, then we went to meet the reindeer. His name is Blitzen and Hannah fell in love with him!!

After a long visit with Blitzen we went to watch the local cheerleader dance troupe perform, before heading over to watch the Punch and Judy show.

Hannah had never seen Punch and Judy before and so i was surprised when she really got into it. Shouting at the puppets, and leaping around in excitement - she was so, so excited it was just lovely to watch her :-)

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